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dd_icontest's Journal

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Doctor&Donna Icontest
*Note: Unfortunately, due to extreme business of members, including (mostly) the mod, this comm is currently inactive. If you have ideas for future challenges or any other feedback, please contact the mod (beautifulntime). Thank you for your patience! :)

Welcome to dd_icontest, a Doctor and Donna icon challenge community based on the BBC television series Doctor Who. This community was originally created by nschick thankfully assisted by mchun and is now run by 10_rose and beautifulntime.

Note - Members/Visitors to this community, please do not take icons without the permission of/proper credit given from/to the icon artist(s). Thank you.

Community Rules and Guidelines
Please friend the community to see all the posts and challenges!

General Icon Guidelines:
-Only enter icons made specifically for this community.
-Icons need to be 100x100 pixels and no larger than 40kb.
-Unless otherwise stated in the challenge guidelines, we want still icons, not animated.
-Brushes, templates, backgrounds, etc. are permitted to use at this community.
-Do not post your icons in your LJ or other places prior to the winners announcement.
-You can enter two icons for each challenge (unless otherwise specified).
-Submit your icon(s) as a comment to the challenge post. Please post your icon as an image and put the URL for the image below it. Make sure your lj user name is included in some way as well. See below for a sample entry.
-All entries will be screened. If there are visible entries, please alert the moderator at once by commenting on the entry or PMing the mod.
-Additional rules on entering icon challenges are posted within the challenges post.
-For any questions or concerns about this community or its content please page a mod here.

And finally and most important of all, have fun!

Sample entry:


Challenges Information
-Challenges will vary. Requirements of each challenge will be explained when they are posted.
-Voting will begin shortly after the posting deadline has passed.
-You cannot vote for yourself and you cannot ask anyone else to vote for you. If it is discovered this has happened (and it will be discovered!) then all your entries will be scrapped and you will be banned from this community.
-Icons can steer towards both Doctor/Donna friendship and/or something more (the naughtier side) of their relationship.
-The winners will usually be announced on Thursdays.
-Awards will be given for first, second, and third places as well as for the mod’s choice (except in rare occasions of low participation or other extenuating circumstances).

Challenge Timeframe
New Challenge post: Sunday
Deadline for posting icon: Saturday 11:59pm EST (unless otherwise noted in the challenge post)
Voting goes up: Sunday (usually)
Deadline to vote: Wednesday 11:59pm EST (unless otherwise noted in the voting post)
Winners posted: Thursday/Friday (usually)
Challenge Reminders: Thursday and Saturday (usually)

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Stylesheet by refutare
Community Header By dana_cz (if you wish to make a banner for the community then please, feel free and either post it or pm it to staff)
User Profile Header nschick
Profile sheet by refutare

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